fitting room wisdom.

not im[possible] but possible.
all things are possible…so i’ve been told.
but it is our perspective which defines the im[possible].
our perspective.
our fear.
our inability to see the how, the why, the what, the when.
it’s what we create…in our minds.
it’s what we imagine…or fail to.
it’s what we resolve ourselves to…without exploring the alternative first.

nothing can remain im[possible] if we try, if we attempt to dream, if we act wholeheartedly on those dreams, if we put forth the effort.
it may not go as we anticipated but it will no longer remain im[possible].

days may be hard, work involved may be overwhelmingly exhausting, and we may lose sight occasionally but the effort involved will be worth it…at least to see what we once thought was im[possible], seen now as a possibility.

seems like this little quote in the fitting room at adidas struck a cord with me. maybe words i needed to hear on vacation. maybe words that have been swirling somewhere in my conscious [or subconscious]. thoughts i have had on the more recent season of life…and beckoning to continue where i left off.

to achieve the im[possible]…
to achieve the possibilities awaiting.


vegas, part I.

this vacation is a little random, i might say…random in the sense that we are traveling to and from vegas two times with a brief stay in LA in between. so here is the photo montage from the first leg [out of 3] of the journey.
so far, so much fun…

still addicted…

i wrote a blog posting sometime last week about my obsession to nbc’s hit tv show the voice. so it should come as no surprise that this week even though we are on vacation [in fact, even though we are in vegas of all places], we came in early just to watch the finals…and will do so tomorrow as well.

so it also should come as no surprise that we didn’t actually get to see the show in it’s entirety [couldn’t you just see this one coming?]…somehow the nbc feed was interrupted 4 times [yes, 4] during the 2 hour finale, part I. and what did i do? yep, you guessed it…i flipped out!
i yelled at the screen: “no program? what do you mean no program?!”
i asked my husband [in a nice inside voice i am sure] to change the channel to make sure it wasn’t on another channel [sounds totally logical, right? this happens all the time, right…nbc all of a sudden changing channels to abc?].
i followed it up by telling fk to call down to the front desk to alert them to the problem [since i am sure this would have been #1 on their list of problems].

so now i am glued to my computer waiting for the final duet to post so i can go to sleep…i mean who could sleep after only seeing the first 20 seconds of vicci and ceelo’s duet?
not me. #mightbeupallnight.

i’ve been looking for shaq and mike tyson everywhere.

so, we’re here in the fabulous las vegas on vacation…our old stomping grounds for weekend trips away. this time it was a bit more of a production…
planned out for months.
days off requested [and granted].
plane tickets purchased.
room booked. room cancelled. another room booked at a different location [better rate secured and more $$$ saved].
car rented.
lists made on the iphone of places we wanted to go and restaurants we wanted to patron.
a little more [long-range] planning than any other vegas trip before.

fast forward and here we are…in the middle of the vegas part of our vacation. the day we were flying out i saw [TMZ the official source, of course] shaq was at a local vegas club not doing mj’s songs justice with his karaoke. yesterday i saw [the above said source here too] that mike tyson and his wife threw a surprise wedding ceremony/vow renewal, tagging it as a birthday party for mike, yet here again, in vegas.
let me just say that i have seen neither…

which just makes me realize the obvious.
i lead much different lifestyles than shaq and tyson. thank you, captain obvious.
not that i really expected to see either of them. you know, vegas is a pretty big place and there are quite a few people here.
but it just solidified what i have known and conveyed on several occasions to those who questioned why fk and i like vegas [or like to go there so much, or how we could have any fun without the club or gambling scene].

but for whatever reason, vegas has become our getaway.
there’s always something to do.
there’s always someplace [affordable] to stay.
there’s shopping of all kinds.
and it is a culinary mecca, of sorts.
so although, we don’t party [or karaoke] like shaq or have huge birthday gatherings like tyson, we still enjoy vegas the same.

this is the voice.

something you should know about me.
i don’t get into tv shows or series that much.

i say that, having tried to follow lost for a few seasons…only to remain lost.
i watched heroes, as well…and i am not sure whatever happened [never could get into the super power thing…maybe being limited to my own humanity].
i have watched episode after episode of the west wing and still haven’t a clue of one character’s name [seriously, fk].
i have absolutely no idea who is in charge of the office at present…can’t keep up.
i am at a loss to know if it is leonard and priya or leonard and penny…or is leonard single these days?
can’t keep up…even when i am watching the series.

and i might want to add that i have never, NEVER followed any sort of reality show either. never american idol, SYTYCD [not even sure i got all the letters in there either], dancing with the stars, amazing race, survivor, etc. never watched a complete episode of any.

until now…

i love this show
i am completely addicted.
did i mention i am completely addicted?

i know all the character’s names [that is a huge first].
i probably know where most are from, their age, their sexual orientation, the people they have brought with them to the shows, the previous outfits each had worn in past performances, etc. [i know too much].
i could most definitely tell you the names of each of the songs they have sung up to the semi-finals.
i know more than i ever have about any show that i can recall.

it’s why i can’t wait for tuesdays.
it’s why i am even on twitter [foolishly thinking you could somehow place a vote on there].
it’s why i listen to all the songs from the live rounds on itunes.
it’s everyone i follow on twitter [and a few select others].
it’s why i think about who will make it to the next round…daily.
it’s why i am even still on twitter…that and to join my fellow BS’ers [blake shelton fans, hello?!].
it’s why i am still awake at 12:06am placing my final votes.

in between.

the more time goes by, the more i have time to think about it.
the move.
the wins/the losses.
the transition.
the change.
the pros/the cons.

it wasn’t something we had talked about a lot…simply speculated.
it wasn’t something we had hashed out, planned, or thought about details.
but i guess that is how it goes. guess that is how things such as these happen.
it happened, literally, all of a sudden. one day you are here and the next you are there.
well, almost.

i guess i have been thinking about it lately as i will be back in LA by the end of the month. i have been thinking about what i want to do, where i want to go, and with whom i will go and do these things. and it is bittersweet. i could not be more excited to see those people i have missed so much these past 8 months…yet i know i will be terribly sad to leave them as well. almost like saying goodbye all over again. and this time i will be going back home, somewhere so different and so far away from what used to be my home.

and this is what i–what we–wanted.
yet, it seems like i vacillate somewhere in between.
from day to day you never know which side of the coin i will land.
depends on my mood,
depends on my present situation,
depends on my emotions,
depends on my circumstances,
depends on the day i have had at work,
depends on how little i have talked with my friends back in LA,
depends on how small i feel my surroundings are,
depends on how alone i feel,
depends on where i let my memories take me.
and these are the times i really miss LA and wonder what if…

but i guess life is like that.
you cannot have it both ways,
you give up one thing to get another,
you lose something to gain something else.
and i just love being so close to family.

hanging out with mom on mother’s day.
spending father’s day with my dad…in person.
i have enjoyed being there for my great uncle’s surgery [or the one that did not happen].
i have enjoyed being able to run up to the ER to see my great aunt before heading to work.
advice and counsel from those who know me best.
laughing and crying with those who love me like no one can.
grandma’s birthday.
seeing my uncle at family gatherings i would normally miss.
family reunions, of sorts.
mani/pedis with mom.
these i would have missed…saved the bi-annual trips back to visit.
these are now regular occurrences.
and i really do not think i could trade anything for that.

so no matter where i land,
no matter what i feel,
no matter how hard or easy things can get,
i know we made the right decision.


so, i have been wanting to visit here ever since i saw it in some southern magazine, i am assuming it was this one. it piqued my curiosity. but does someone really drive 2 hours for pie? somewhere in the middle of nowhere for pie?

so yesterday, fk had an appointment in selma [just so happens to be about mid-way between the home town and the middle of nowhere town]…and of course i proposed a trip just down the road for some pie[lab]!

although i am not sure i get the entirety of pielab,
i do know i like this place.

i like the concept[s] for which it stands.
i like the ambiance.
i like the environment.
i like the space.
i like the graphics.
and, of course, i like the pie!

just wish it was not 2 hours away…