some highlights…

fk and i took the weekend off and spent time with rusty and anne, enjoying the mardi gras festivities on the bay. both of us being mardi gras novices and still quite new to the bay area in general, we had many new and “first” experiences.
some highlights in pictures, with accompanying words follow…
lunch at big daddy’s grill, located on the scenic fish river. not only good food [suggested: shrimp po-boy], good environment [sitting outside on the river, entering the premises by choice vessel], good atmosphere [picnic tables, metal pail holding all the necessities, sandbox for the kids]. definitely a favorite!

hitting up the local spots…such as the garage, home of bill harrison‘s studio. we were driving back on 98 and i saw it…the pig!
“stop!” i shouted. “i want to go see the pig!”
so we turned around to go check out this local art studio. and i am hooked.
on harrison. on the pig.

so…we bought the pig. love him [insert harrison, fk, or the pig here].

a brief stop at the fairhope municipal pier.

on to downtown fairhope for the mardi gras pet parade! got a good spot to watch the festivities…and catch the beads, moonpies, rubber squeaking ducks, and nerf footballs…score!

…not to be confused with the people mardi gras parade, full of its own revelry, beads, moonpies, roses, frisbees, and more beads!

and let’s not forget the king cake! what kind of mardi gras festivity would it be without the baby…in a cake? strange.



i just saw this film.
i am not sure why it took me so long to actually watch it…even though i had purchased it months ago.
i began watching it several weeks ago, but stopped midway. not sure why. pretty sure i got interrupted. pretty sure i was hesitant about finishing it. pretty sure my pre-conceived notions won out.
i thought–i knew–i would cry.
the first half was rather hard to watch, rather hard to take in, rather hard to imagine such life…although i know such life exists.
the last half was totally worth it. the inspiration. the hope. the confidence.
i wish it all turned out this way.

dream…or is it reality?

i have been watching more movies lately as the countdown to the oscars continues [who am i kidding…i am married to a man who absolutely loves movies and has one serious dvd collection! and it seems that i am a bit of a movie watcher these days too…not sure who has rubbed off on me more, FK or LA?!]. i had a goal to watch all–or most movies nominated for best picture before the oscars, but that just doesn’t seem like a reality due to time [work sometimes gets in the way of things] AND the reality that the local movie theater pulled both the fighter and black swan 2 weeks before the oscars [unbelievable!]….seems like they needed to make room for the biebs! i have to admit that i did break out into tears when i realized this…now, on my behalf, i was in a heightened emotional state at the moment, but nonetheless…. so imagine my excitement when fk produced two unseen prospects [for $9 each, i might add] while on a target run for draino this past friday…inception and toy story 3. we have yet to see toy story 3 [since we have yet to see it’s predecessor], but we went right home and put inception in the dvd player.

i had heard a lot about the movie.
i had heard it made you think.
i had heard it was confusing.
i had heard it was twisted, in a way.
i had heard people regretted watching it before going to bed.
i had heard people were still wondering what to think about it.

and i would have to agree with the musings of others.
i am still processing it…in fact, i wanted to come home from work today and watch it again. again, 2 days later. still thinking about it.
and i am not quite sure what i think…

it’s a movie about dreams.
it’s a movie about what we dream.
it’s a movie about why we dream what we do.
it’s a movie about dreaming within a dream [is this even possible?]
it’s a movie about planning dreams.
it’s a movie about planting dreams…and planting thoughts with these dreams.
it’s a movie about things creeping into our dreams [i think they use a word for this in the movie but i can’t recall it].
it’s a movie about dealing with issues within our dreams…that which “creeps” into our dreams.
it’s a movie that blurs the lines between dreams and reality.

it left me saying, “pinch me, i feel like i am dreaming”…
and quite honestly, i am left unsure if it was all reality…or just a dream.

fears imagined.

so i watched this movie the other night, this random movie [not-then knowing that it was not so random…since it, and the actors involved, were nominated for several awards] we had seen on the half-off previously viewed DVD wall at the video store. so we bought it…and i watched it.
powerful stuff, i tell you.
it’s about a man learning to cope with loss, the loss of his partner, his other. it’s about a man learning to go on, to move on, to embrace life without this other.

but it’s not really the movie that is the subject of this posting [although the movie was powerful enough to invoke postings of it’s own, none of which i will grapple with here]. in fact, it is just a brief few lines in a somewhat inconsequential scene that stuck out to me.

to set the scene.
firth, whose character portrays a university english professor, discusses a book read by his class. one student draws a conclusion from the book, pointing out that Jesus once said the Jews “hated me without cause” and could the same not be said that the Germans hated the Jews without cause.
to which the professor responds,

…their hating the jews was not without a cause, it’s just that the cause wasn’t real. the cause was imagined. the cause was fear….
there are all sorts of minorities.
a minority is only thought of as one when it constitutes some kind of threat to the majority–a real threat or an imagined one. and therein, lies the fear. if the minority is somehow visable, the fear is much greater…
minorities are just people, like us.
fear, after all, is our real enemy.

interesting. interesting parallel. interesting conclusion.
and true, both Jesus and the Jews [both in the minority] posed a threat. a threat to the status quo. a threat to life as was known, as was thought of, as was accepted. a threat [either perceived or real] to take over, to change, to disrupt existing life. and this threat [whether perceived or real] invoked fear within…that fear led to demoralizing consequences.

but not just them, back them. it seems to be us today as well.
it seems our world speaks in terms of the majority…and subsequent the voices of the minority gets lost. and they stick up. they want to be heard to.
it seems the voice of the majority reigns supreme.

it seems that our viewpoints are many times those of the majority versus the minority, us versus them. i know this all too well. i hear it, i see it…wherever i have lived. and being in the majority i am sure i see it differently.
but the night i heard these words, i began to view things a little differently.
why do we speak in such divisive terms?
aren’t we ALL people…just like you and me?
why should i fear those different than myself?
why should i go to extremes to protect the majority and it’s viewpoints?

fast forward a few days.
fk showed me this documentary on the defeat of prop 8. powerful stuff, i tell you.
it reminded me of the words above from the movie.
the majority versus the minority.
protecting our rights, our views, our families, our nation.
…at the expense of others.
and why? FEAR…it was implicit in the words, the message, the dollars, the time.
the “other” posed a threat.
a threat to the status quo. a threat to life as was known, as was thought of, as was accepted. a threat [either perceived or real] to take over, to change, to disrupt existing life. and this threat [whether perceived or real] invoked fear within…and that fear led to demoralizing consequences.
sound familiar?

and this fear, perceived by the majority, still leads to demoralizing consequences every day.

the things blogs are made of…

i love how movies sometimes catch me off guard. i am watching a movie–mostly at home, since this doesn’t work quite as well in the actual theater–and along it comes, a saying, some phrases, an ah-ha moment of sorts. the sort that strike a chord, that get me thinking, that cause me to reflect…usually on some thought has already begun ruminating elsewhere in vast recesses of my mind.

such a moment just occurred…one where i stop, rewind, play, rewind again, play, type [hoping to catch it all the first time but inevitably having to repeat this process over and over until i have it all].
and then it’s captured…only to formulate into a blog in the very near future.