count your blessings…

a day to celebrate, to remember, to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.

  1. my family.
  2. my fiance.
  3. my friends…those i’ve had for life, those i’ve had for years, those i’ve had for months.
  4. my job…one that both pays the bills and one that i truly enjoy.
  5. those with whom i work…those you care for (and who care for you), those you respect (and who respect you), those you enjoy (and who enjoy you).
  6. friends and (future) family with whom to share thanksgiving when so far from home and family.
  7. health…and the health of those i love.
  8. finances that have been bestowed to me…the finances with which i can afford a thanksgiving dinner.
  9. love and support from those who truly care about me.
  10. the love and grace god has bestowed on me.

and many more…


managers…and their style.

we’ve all had them–good or bad–and we’ve all learned something from them.
call it your supervisor, your boss, or your manager…we’ve either filed away something we would like to emulate or something we wouldn’t.
a situation where we would like to act accordingly or one we would dare not repeat.

i don’t know exactly what had us talking about them–these managers we either currently are in contact with and those of the past–but yesterday morning’s conversation seemed full of them.

  • failing to do what is necessary to get the final paperwork handled…still not receiving the final paycheck. wondering if it’s slight of hand, vindication, or something else…but knowing whatever it is crosses legal bounds.
  • recruiting out of their previous stores…the entire management team.
  • recruiting in person while the worker is on the clock.
  • leaving one in charge when they no longer serve in that role…i.e., taking advantage.
  • making it very obvious who one likes and who one could care less for among the staff.
  • truly caring about you, personally and professionally.
  • seeing their role as a manager not involving folding the clothes.

and when we reunited last night after work, our conversation turned to the same…after the day’s events.

  • freaking out when under stress…always a good retail-holiday combination.
  • talking to associates at another store like you are their boss.
  • not telling associates they are doing a good job for fear they will become complacent.
  • yelling at a (new) associate in front of customers.
  • refusing to open the door 3 minutes after closing for fear of a return…on the eve of thanksgiving (more likely someone actually needing something for the holiday, rather than cleaning out their house of unneeded items…on this particular night at least).
  • …interesting to note.


how could i not like this movie?
true story.
true sports story.
true story starring nick saban, tommy tuberville, phillip fulmer, houston nutt, AND tim mcgraw.
true story about a kid down and out.
true story about someone stepping in, someone standing up, someone making a difference.
true story about life in the south, about college football, about all things familiar to me.
true story that will draw tears from even the hardest heart.

but what i liked most…the title.
the meaning of blindside.
the left tackle. the position. the job. the duty. the protection. the guardian.
guarding what is most important, the QB.
but much more…

guarding those closest to us.
guarding those in danger.
guarding those who need another’s protection.
guarding those who rely on us.
guarding those who can’t see what’s coming.
it’s their job, it’s their duty, it’s their calling.
it’s just what they do.

makes me realize we all need a left tackle…
we all need someone to cover our blindside.

what it takes…

i read a blog posting on about managers–or was it about leaders? or more like the difference between.
the difference between those who inspire,
those who direct,
those who motivate,
those who hold others accountable,
those who innovate
those who don’t,
those who simply get things done,
those who simply execute.

the posting focuses on…
inspiring others.
changing the behaviors of others through their own example.
empowering others.
connecting, supporting, coaching, and challenging.
knowing the current position, the future goal, and the plan to get there.
coordinating the team.
communicating expectations.
celebrating successes.

this posting called to mind two leaders that have made the most impact on me both professionally and personally.
both of whom inspire
changing my behavior through their own example.
empowering me.
connecting, supporting, coaching, and challenging me.
both of whom direct
knowing the current position, the future goal, and the plan to get there.
coordinating our team.
communicating the expectations.
celebrating our successes.

i only hope i am able to
and lead…
as both tim and louis have led me.

a season.

a wise person once said something similar…

there is a season.
there is a season for everything…
for every feeling, for every action, for every behavior, for every attitude.
there is a season of fullness and one of emptiness.
there is a season of joy and one of sadness.
there is a season of relief and one of anxiety.
there is a season of hope and one of despair.
there is a season of having much and one of having little.

and in every season there is a time to reflect,
to cherish,
to focus on the little things,
to relish in the moment.

…for there are other seasons to be had.

best day off…

in awhile at least.
i’m not sure why louis offered.
maybe it was the inability to do simple math,
the incoherent and incomplete sentences,
the laughter that continued for 5 minutes…for no apparent reason.

sleeping in until 8am.
runyon with fk…who claims he was scaling everest.
DSCN2504 DSCN2509 DSCN2512 DSCN2511 DSCN2514 DSCN2515 DSCN2520 DSCN2519 DSCN2533 DSCN2546 DSCN2529 DSCN2544 DSCN2526 DSCN2558 DSCN2564 DSCN2557 DSCN2582 DSCN2569 DSCN2532 DSCN2583 DSCN2571

lunch at 25ยบ.
IMG_0116 IMG_0118 IMG_0119 IMG_0120 IMG_0122 IMG_0123 IMG_0129 IMG_0133 IMG_0125 IMG_0131
2 hour nap.
watching tivo.
attending the CMAs in my own living room…and playing my fiddle along with the zac brown band [twice].