tomorrow marks 6 months.
6 months that i got a new title…and a new surname.
6 months that i got a new identity.
6 months that i have been married.
6 months.

i am not sure that i can put it all into words.
in some aspects it seems much longer than half a year…in others, it seems so surreal to think we are just beginning. beginning this life, this journey together. and that is what is has been…a journey.

a journey of self-discovery.
sharing life together, making memories, facing “our” issues [my own staring me in the face as never before…not a pretty sight], sharing our baggage, carrying another’s baggage, having someone who loves me…regardless, making decisions [no longer just for myself, no longer just about me], caring for one another, grace, understanding, sympathy, listening, confronting, reaching a concession, finding middle ground, laughing, crying, being mad like never before, loving someone else like i never imagined.

it has been a fun journey thus far…
one full of learning, one full of new experiences,
one full of anticipation of each new day together.

loving it…


celebrate good times…

seems like a good reason to come home!
and home had many reasons to celebrate.
dad’s retirement…and the new grill from the fam.

rusty’s 29th birthday and family cookout.

dad’s retirement luncheon.

and just fun times with the fam.

good times!

technical difficulties.

my blog writing has taken a bit of a break–well, not more of a break than normal but a break in the midst of my actual writing a few blogs. the break resulted from my using up all of the free space allotted to me by wordpress. it only took me 3 years to use the 1GB of space i had been given…but apparently was unaware of the limitations. so, after pondering all of the options or maybe just pondering a few, i bought an extra 5GB of space so i could continue all of my blogging ventures in the same location as i have been accustomed to. so here’s to extra space…

feels like home.

as soon as i exited the plane in birmingham and walked out into the airport, it felt like home. i knew i was there…and it wasn’t simply the 96° heat coupled with the humid air that let me know [although that alone could tell me i am in bama].
it was a combination of things…

the bama jersey i see as i step through the door.
the friendly smiles of people watching.
espn being broadcast on tv screens in the waiting area…i mean it is game day!
dad meeting us outside baggage claim [in his truck] and no one honking, yelling or blowing a whistle at him to move out of the way.
and the familiar sites as we headed towards home…
[these are things you just don’t see in LA]


4am alarm.
“really? do we have to?” were the first words out of my mouth.
i slowly roused myself from the bed, second guessing my decision.
i knew in 10 hours it would all be worth it…
the early morning wake up alarm.
getting ready while still dark.
driving on the 405–not to work, but to the airport.
airport parking.
sitting in the aiport, waiting on the flight…for 2 hours.
[sidenote: no chance of us missing our flight back home this time]
wanting to still be sleeping…or lay across the oh-so-comfortable airport chairs to take a nap.
missing game day in tuscaloosa. [and having the day off to watch it!]

all would be worth it…
going home.

flight 1. a blur. i have no idea what went on…i think i was conscious.
stop 1. phoenix [long enough to use the bathroom, buy a sports illustrated with #3 on the cover, grab a few snacks, then line up for boarding].
flight 2. snacks out, ginger ale for 2, sports illustrated read, miami vice on the ipad.
final stop. birmigham. home.

landing in familiar territory.
and finding a new [to us] bbq joint on the 90mile trek home.

best butts in town…good to know.
collard greens and fried okra…and this is only the first day.