picking up.

you have those friends in life that you don’t talk to every week, or even every month, but when you do it is as if no time has passed. you just pick up where you left off.
such is the case with dalee…and the day we spent tooling around this town.
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new day.

i think i’ve talked to my dad everyday this week, updating him on the latest piece of the saga that is my life at present. so yesterday morning when he called before 8am, i am sure he wasn’t quite shocked when i told him the latest.
parking ticket for running i red light i didn’t even see.
that’s right…just the icing on the cake to a day where i found out i failed to abandon residency in a state in which i haven’t lived for 3.5 years and owe taxes for a year in which i never lived nor worked in the state. $1000 in taxes, that is.
these two things being just the latest in the week i’ve had…

it can’t rain everyday…can it?
it can’t be all bad, all the time…right?
one can get a break…can’t one?

i sure hope so…because i need a new day.
i need the sun to shine on me.
i need to know it’s all going to be ok.
i need to keep my chin up.
i need to focus on the positive, even if it seems there is none.
i need to remove myself emotionally.
i need to laugh at the string of events…because, instead, i might just cry.
i need to enjoy being away.
i need to take it one day at a time.
i need to remove the emotional.
i need to get away.
i need today…

i hate you.

“hey. guess who was just in my store?”
“dylan mcdermott. i mean, it’s not like i know who he is anyway…but he was in here.”
“cool. oh yeah, i forgot to tell you who i saw this morning crossing the street in front of my store.”
“joe montana.”
“shut up!”
“yeah, i saw him crossing the street with his wife this morning.”
“shut up!”
“i’m serious. i…”
“shut up! i hate you.”

some days.

do you ever look back on some days and…
wish you had just stayed in bed,
wish you could go on vacation…again,
wonder what in the world happened,
wonder how it turned out that way,
wonder why what i meant to say wasn’t taken in the same manner,
wonder why i take things personally,
wonder why i care so much,
wonder what the grass looks like on the other side?

i’ve had some days like these lately…

coming home.

truer words never spoken.
ironic that i see this posted on the wall of the montgomery airport waiting on my flight out. waiting to leave the home i’ve known for 29 year to return to the home i’ve only recently known the past 3.5.
and on most trips back home, i am ready to return to my new home…but not this time.
this time was bittersweet.
this time just wasn’t long enough.
this time was different.
this time i had a tough time distinguishing between the two.
this time was the best yet.
this time made me miss family, ‘bama, the south, friends, comfort, food, culture, slower paced living, space, and the general way of life more than ever.
this time coming home…
makes me long for the next.