i have an announcement.

this may come as a shock–quite a shock to most of you–but i have some big news.
we are relocating.
we are moving.
we are starting over, starting anew, starting something new.
fk and i will be beginning our new, married life in the ol’ hometown.
job offers/searching, apartment hunting, changing everything, packing, saying good-byes, and in 12 days we will be on the road cross-country back to my/our roots. in the words of alan jackson…

Where I come from it’s cornbread and chicken
Where I come from a lotta back porch pickin’
Where I come from tryin’ to make a livin’
Workin’ hard to get to heaven
Where I come from….
Yeah, where I come from
Get back down there sometime
Where I come from


family tradition.

we all like what we like…and usually for good reason.
it usually starts early…early on in life.
and it usually carries on…for a lifetime.

for me, at least, i love cooking southern…especially since moving out west. cooking things unfamiliar to many of the people surrounding me. cooking things i have grown up eating and cooking for others. cooking things that bring back memories…of tradition, of family, of home.