day 29. june 29. 8:03am.

today is the BIG day…fk’s birthday! and that means it is the culmination of the daily presents…

i made a book for fk of some of our favorite wedding pics…
the story of us.
it was fun to look back, to remember together, to reflect on that special day…and relish in the fact that we have many more special days to come!

day 29.



it’s got to be one of fk’s favorite brands. he absolutely loves coke. he likes the actual product but he loves the brand. so imagine his disappointment when he learned that the coke museum–that he had been looking forward to visiting for weeks–had closed…
in 2000.

ironic, i thought, that he did not realize this earlier since he had been in the coke store last year [while i was outside on a conference call] on his birthday trip but hadn’t noticed there was no longer a museum attached. i guess it had been a long time since he had actually been to the museum–apparently it had been a good 10 years–but he couldn’t have been more upset about the fact.

if you are friends with him on facebook, you would know already of his disappointment…because he made it quite obvious. despite the disappointment, we ventured to the coke store–notice there was no reference to the coke museum here. we walked around the bottom level, enjoying the cool air [we were both perspiring heavily by this point] and then ventured to the upper level.

what was on the second level–you may be wondering…
well, it was a concession stand of sorts where you could taste cokes from all over the world. the coke store had definitely redeemed itself in fk’s eyes…so he wrote a status update letting everyone know.

our tasting experience.

coke…it’s not my favorite, but i do love me some inca kola [which happened to be in tasting cup #1. i had no idea it was a coke product but i already knew it was my favorite peruvian drink of choice]!


day 26. june 26. 6:58am.

as i was running out the door to go to work this morning, i had fk open today’s present. i knew after work would be a whirlwind of trying to get the car packed to head out of town, so i wanted to make sure we didn’t forget the present for the day.
clearly fk and i love to play i spy…together. i ordered several–in case you have wondered why every few days he is opening the same book–because we had run out of previous ones i [now we] owned. funny, but we have already gone through the other 2 i have already given him this month.
today, however, i saved the best for last.
i spy treasure hunt.
i saved the best for last because fk is, in fact, a treasure…he is my treasure.
he is the treasure that i have been looking, searching, and waiting for.
he is the treasure that mysteriously appeared as i was living life.
he is my priceless treasure…far greater than anything i could have ever dared to imagine. and i am truly grateful for my treasure.

day 26.


day 25. june 25. 8:05am.

we got up this morning and began packing for fk’s birthday weekend trip. i thought it best to open today’s present in case fk wanted to pack it in his bag…

a M sport tee from the bmw dealership that i purchased way back when i got the all-weather mats. fk couldn’t be happier. in fact, he kept repeating, “you got me a M sport tee…you got me a M sport tee?” as if he couldn’t believe his eyes. it will be worn tomorrow afternoon as we head out of town, i can guarantee you!

day 25.