fitting room wisdom.

not im[possible] but possible.
all things are possible…so i’ve been told.
but it is our perspective which defines the im[possible].
our perspective.
our fear.
our inability to see the how, the why, the what, the when.
it’s what we create…in our minds.
it’s what we imagine…or fail to.
it’s what we resolve ourselves to…without exploring the alternative first.

nothing can remain im[possible] if we try, if we attempt to dream, if we act wholeheartedly on those dreams, if we put forth the effort.
it may not go as we anticipated but it will no longer remain im[possible].

days may be hard, work involved may be overwhelmingly exhausting, and we may lose sight occasionally but the effort involved will be worth it…at least to see what we once thought was im[possible], seen now as a possibility.

seems like this little quote in the fitting room at adidas struck a cord with me. maybe words i needed to hear on vacation. maybe words that have been swirling somewhere in my conscious [or subconscious]. thoughts i have had on the more recent season of life…and beckoning to continue where i left off.

to achieve the im[possible]…
to achieve the possibilities awaiting.


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