still addicted…

i wrote a blog posting sometime last week about my obsession to nbc’s hit tv show the voice. so it should come as no surprise that this week even though we are on vacation [in fact, even though we are in vegas of all places], we came in early just to watch the finals…and will do so tomorrow as well.

so it also should come as no surprise that we didn’t actually get to see the show in it’s entirety [couldn’t you just see this one coming?]…somehow the nbc feed was interrupted 4 times [yes, 4] during the 2 hour finale, part I. and what did i do? yep, you guessed it…i flipped out!
i yelled at the screen: “no program? what do you mean no program?!”
i asked my husband [in a nice inside voice i am sure] to change the channel to make sure it wasn’t on another channel [sounds totally logical, right? this happens all the time, right…nbc all of a sudden changing channels to abc?].
i followed it up by telling fk to call down to the front desk to alert them to the problem [since i am sure this would have been #1 on their list of problems].

so now i am glued to my computer waiting for the final duet to post so i can go to sleep…i mean who could sleep after only seeing the first 20 seconds of vicci and ceelo’s duet?
not me. #mightbeupallnight.

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