we moved back to good ol’ sweet home alabama to be close to family and as i think back over the past few months [of what has kept me busy besides the workplace] i have realized that we have been able to do just that. spending time with family on a more permanent basis…rather than simply one of the [two] occasions home from across the continent. spending time on holidays. spending time celebrating [new] life and the continuation of life. spending time laughing, sharing stories, or making new memories.
worth it…


be it.

we just had dinner with some friends…some not-so-new friends for me, but rather new to fk. but friends with [new] passions, [new] perspectives, and [new] motivations…maybe i belong to this group of [new] friends quite naturally now that i think about it.
the conversation turned.
turned to what we think,
what we would like things to be like,
how things could be like those thoughts.
the possibilities.
the new avenues [yet] to be explored.

the conversation had a central theme, or so it struck me later.
which made me think of this:

it all involves change.
change in perspective.
change in [deep-seated] mindsets.
change in motivation.
change in cash flow.
change in actions, behaviors, words that impact those actions and behaviors.

and most change starts with one.
which impacts and inspires another.
and another.
shares responsibility.
forms partnerships.

this conversation–maybe somewhat meaningless to the other 5 at the table–served to impact, inspire, multiply passion, share a responsibility, help me see i am not alone, and challenge me to do my part.

to infect change.
it matters.