i’ve been looking for shaq and mike tyson everywhere.

so, we’re here in the fabulous las vegas on vacation…our old stomping grounds for weekend trips away. this time it was a bit more of a production…
planned out for months.
days off requested [and granted].
plane tickets purchased.
room booked. room cancelled. another room booked at a different location [better rate secured and more $$$ saved].
car rented.
lists made on the iphone of places we wanted to go and restaurants we wanted to patron.
a little more [long-range] planning than any other vegas trip before.

fast forward and here we are…in the middle of the vegas part of our vacation. the day we were flying out i saw [TMZ the official source, of course] shaq was at a local vegas club not doing mj’s songs justice with his karaoke. yesterday i saw [the above said source here too] that mike tyson and his wife threw a surprise wedding ceremony/vow renewal, tagging it as a birthday party for mike, yet here again, in vegas.
let me just say that i have seen neither…

which just makes me realize the obvious.
i lead much different lifestyles than shaq and tyson. thank you, captain obvious.
not that i really expected to see either of them. you know, vegas is a pretty big place and there are quite a few people here.
but it just solidified what i have known and conveyed on several occasions to those who questioned why fk and i like vegas [or like to go there so much, or how we could have any fun without the club or gambling scene].

but for whatever reason, vegas has become our getaway.
there’s always something to do.
there’s always someplace [affordable] to stay.
there’s shopping of all kinds.
and it is a culinary mecca, of sorts.
so although, we don’t party [or karaoke] like shaq or have huge birthday gatherings like tyson, we still enjoy vegas the same.


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