hidden within.

we finally saw it the other night.
the movie that, on the one hand, i have been wanting to see…yet, on the other, i have been a little apprehensive about seeing as well.
i knew the premise.
i wasn’t shocked by any of it.
i could tell it was all coming…really.
but what i wasn’t anticipating was the way it affected me…days later.

fk hated it…or thought it was weird [my kind of movie, for sure…since i like to be challenged, to question, to figure out, to think during movies]. i loved it.
it’s a mental movie for sure…and one that seems to wind all the way through the mind following as well…at least for me. and i guess this could be expected since it was the premise of the movie.

high expectations.
desire to be perfect,
not letting anyone down,
seeking true love and acceptance for one’s self,
yet trying the hide the imperfections,
longing intensely for your dream,
seeking to control just something [anything],
becoming what you wanted to keep hidden.

and who are you now?
who are you anyway?
deep within?
where no one can see…
or can they all see?