in the last 2.5 hours,
i have fixed my husband dinner [if you call heating up leftovers “fixing” dinner],
eaten dinner myself [if you call popcorn dinner],
watched the president on tv speaking about libya,
watched one routine of dancing with the stars [never before, never again],
watched various other things here and there,
and read this.

not a hard read…but one worth it.
and one that beckons to be read again,
marinated on,

it’s something we all deal with…numerous times, over time.
we all suffer. all of humanity.
and we all want to know “why?”
but those questions are hardly ever answered…if ever answered at all.
a better question, proposed by bell, is “what now?”

we all face it.
we all live with the ambiguity.
we all must deal.

and i love the ending.
drops like stars…
which makes me think about all the stars in the sky. each on important. each one unique. each one making a whole, a whole constellation, a whole sky, a whole picture. a sky, the sky, with all the stars [some seen, some not yet, some faded, some not at all]. each one used.
each one.
each time.
making good from the bad, healing from the suffering, light in the darkness…
like stars in the sky.

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