365 days.

last sunday, fk and i celebrated one year of marriage…365 days into a journey begun the 20th of march 2010. ironic how we began and celebrated this day in the same location, having met and begun our relationship thousands of miles away from where it officially began…and the place we [now] call home.

in order to celebrate our anniversary, i penned a collection of 365 things i love about fk, i have learned about fk in this first year, and memories we have shared. a collection of reflections on the first 365 days of being married, of living life [a new life] together. paper being the traditional first anniversary gift i thought this was appropriate…and would be something to read, reflect, and re-read along this journey only just begun…

we had the day off to spend with one another. nothing special, just exploring parts of our new surrounding. lunch. exploring [the new] downtown. taking pictures. talking about life as it was, and life now.

enjoying just being together.


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