creating a stir.

seems like there has been quite a stir of the posting of this…

and it’s subsequent content.
i guess i first saw it via someone posting the link on fb…or i guess i first saw it in response to the post and subsequent commentary. and it seems this random fb posting isn’t the only one offering commentary on the 3 minute promo of rob bell‘s latest book, love wins. you could be hard-pressed to find ones not talking about it, especially–but not limited–to those who answer to the terms ‘evangelical’ [in particular] or ‘christian’ [in general]…myself included. earlier this week, when i had just seen the video, i immediately googled about the dialogue others were having–or, for some, a diatribe on their own blogs. i read it [all i could find on the subject] then told my husband about it, we talked about it a little, then texted my seminary pal to see what her take was on all of it. i couldn’t get it out of my mind…and haven’t since.

i just don’t get it. i just don’t get the criticism, the hate, the unkind words…over something that has yet to be released. i have only read one blog posting of someone who has actually read the book…cover to cover. all the rest,
taken out of original context,
none actually having spoken to the author about such matters.
and to think some of these people making such assumptions, speculations, critical remarks, unkind words, and [unsolicited] prayers for rob bell, are in fact leaders that we look up, leaders that we feel have all the answers, and many times leaders who feel they are more dialed into god, know what he is saying, and what he thinks than most…it seems. such leaders are only standing up to another such leader making accusations that the latter is leading others astray…

many people propose rob bell’s theology to be liberal, which i find interesting. maybe i am [now] liberal. maybe i would fit these people’s assumptions as well. but i find many more people liberal than rob bell…many more. i find many more people asserting truths that sharply contradict those of more conservative theologians. many more.
liberal or not, one thing that i do know is rob bell speaks differently.
a different language.
to a different people.
in a different way.

language that tells a story,
language that asks questions,
language that is not afraid of the answers,
language that is ok with the unknown, the silence, the gray,
language that doesn’t just speak from the mind, doesn’t just rely on theology.

and i have been around some of those people rob bell speaks to…
some of those who didn’t grow up just like me,
who didn’t grow up hearing those stories,
who didn’t grow up being taught this and that,
who didn’t automatically accept said teachings,
who didn’t automatically assume they knew right and others who didn’t knew wrong,
who didn’t shun others because they were different, thought differently, or asked different questions.

it is refreshing.
it is invigorating.
it is telling.
it is awkward.
it is real.
it is messy.
it is life.
…and it is liberating.

so, since i cannot yet possess my own copy of love wins, i think i will spend this friday night curled up on the couch re-reading my worn copy of velvet elvis.

test it. probe it. do that to this book.
don’t swallow it uncritically. think about it. wrestle with it.
just because i am a christian and i’m trying to articulate a christian worldview doesn’t mean i’ve got it nailed. i’m contributing to the discussion.
god has spoken, and the rest is commentary, right?
~as quoted by rob bell on the back of his book jacket,
velvet elvis

i am off to wrestle…

i found this article very helpful in what has turned into be such a huge debate…

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