knowing what i know.

still wondering those same thoughts,
still having those same emotions,
that i thought and felt yesterday…
and maybe even more knowing what i know now.

maybe it’s time to decide what it is i want out of life, which way i want my career to go, where that will be, what types of people with whom i want to be surrounded, what i desire out of a management team,
what i want…not what others want for or from me.
maybe it’s time i thought about some real things and made some decisions for myself.

keeping in mind some advice my wise friend margit told me (after numerous phone calls made to her tonight):
you don’t get something because you think it’s your time…you get it because you earned it.
you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

2 thoughts on “knowing what i know.

  1. Not sure how wise I am, but that reasoning helped me deal with my disappointment. I know great things are ahead for you…you have earned them!

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