jumped on the bandwagon, i have.

i am not sure how it all happened.
guess peer pressure. and curiosity.
my good friend, @margit_p is a twitter-lover [even more than facebook, which i cannot comprehend because i really thought she was a huge fan of the latter] so i am sure she had some influence on the matter.

so i set up an account a few weeks ago. i did a little stalking. i got a few followers. that was all.

then, wednesday when i wanted to place yet another vote for my favorite the voice stars, i did a little twittering around…and quickly got lost [still not placing a vote for my favs…and not even sure you can on twitter anyway].

and today, both fk and i spent way too much time setting up our accounts, “researching” [or stalking], following, unfollowing, blocking, reporting spam, questioning twitter…yet spending an inordinate amount of time on our [new] app.

all of that to say, i am still unsure how i actually feel about twitter [all the while continuing to check my continuous tweets from all those i am following…only about 7 of which i know personally, all the others i just act like i do]. i can see how one would be attracted to it…
the instantaneous of it,
the ability to feel like you know someone who you never will [a connection of some sort],
the large amount of information disposed in simply minutes…or seconds,
the connections it offers in your own physical realm,
the free dessert i have already scored from a local restaurant who inquired how i became a follower of theirs.

and i can see how one would become frustrated, annoyed, give up, or lose interest…
the confusion of some aspects of the application [just ask weiner…i can completely see how one would make such a mistake, minus the actual taking of such pictures],
the loads of information dispensed at lightning speed [and the inability to keep up],
the weirdos that you find following you [or simply people that you have no idea why they are following you and subsequently have to block them].

so i am still conflicted on the decision to actually start an account, download the app, acquire followers and follow accordingly.
guess we’ll just have to see which one wins out…

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