this is how WE roll…

i met margit at the rose bowl this morning, parked in our usual spot, and waited…
waited for the sun to rise,
waited for the temperature to rise,
waited for margit to arrive so we could check out the pre-game sites.

our parking lot just happened to be the entrance to the RV parking…
the serious fans that make the trek for days,
decorate their vehicle so there is no doubt as to their allegiance,
the area outside each RV always set up for a gathering of other loyal fans.
and as we got out of our vehicles, this particular RV–with this particular message–entered the parking lot.

the first RV we came to by far had the best decorations…including the mascots [that have succumbed to the tide] hanging from the awning.

in case you forgot where you were…

and the granddaddy of them all was this one, which margit swore was bigger than her entire house…equipped with it’s own LED marquee above the windshield.

as we walked around, it all felt strangely familiar–like we were somehow at home.
at home among our own.
at home among fellow college football fanatics.
at home among southerners.

we walked across the street to the actual rose bowl to check out the authorized sites. although we weren’t authorized to be there, we looked the part with our paparazzi-style camera and our confidence–like we owned the place.

i’d say they have that right…

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