…for a reason.

ironically, i watched iron man on sunday–easter sunday, that is. and i say ironically because of some particular conversations that stuck out to me early between tony stark and yinsen as they were making their big escape.

Tony Stark: We got a plan, and we’re going to stick to it.
Yinsen: This was always the plan, Stark.

Tony Stark: Thank you for saving me.
Yinsen: Don’t waste it. Don’t waste two lives.

and later…

Tony Stark: I shouldn’t be alive unless it’s for a reason.

the plan, according to stark, was for both men to escape.
the plan, according to yinsen, was to sacrifice his life in order that stark might live…and go on to save thousands of lives subsequently.
and when stark realizes what yinsen has done–in giving up his own life so unselfishly, something within him changes.
and with these changes comes the realization that his life was spared…and not in vain.

sounds like a similar story…

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