the hangover.

i woke up this morning and thought i had it…the hangover. and not the hangover i’m sure pops into mind, but the holiday hangover (i.e., working retail during the holiday season and the morning after felt following one such day). i left work yesterday exhausted. if i knew a masseuse i would have paid double for a massage immediately. my feet hurt. my back hurt. there was tension everywhere. my mind was done thinking, planning, and making decisions for the day.

it wasn’t one thing in particular that made it felt like holiday, but a combination…
being in the black apron all day.
having one of the most productive sales days in weeks.
having 1 proficient cashier.
and having only 1 proficient cashier, being stuck behind or near the register most of the day.
being stuck behind or near the register troubleshooting, explaining, and/or training.
associates who seemed to be in another world…oblivious to the line of customers, oblivious to customers needing held, oblivious of things to be done during downtime (therefore my time spent directing and re-directing).
my 1 proficient cashier having to spend most of the time giftwrapping…an endless task yesterday.
training, training, training…which is all i did yesterday, it seems.
so, my time yesterday was spent directing, re-directing, training on the register, explaining unknown procedures, having a few coachables, talking about perimeter standards, making visual decisions….
the list seems endless.

now granted, this is what i do all day most days…but yesterday was just different.
i felt like the only manager…although i wasn’t.
i felt like i needed to be everywhere…although i couldn’t.
i felt like i was being pulled in a million directions.
but such is life in retail, eh?

so this morning when i woke up, i felt like i had hit by a train. i had dark circles–and bags–under my eyes. i felt sick to my stomach. i felt like i hadn’t gotten any sleep at all. even though i woke up wide-eyed at 5am and dozed off-and-on for an hour, all i wanted to do was fall back asleep–into a deep sleep and not wake up until much later. but try as i might, i couldn’t…nor could i since a run and work was calling my name. i forced my body out of bed–and resisted all urge to lay down on the couch after making my bed–and donned the running clothes.

now, i’m ready…
for another day of the same.

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