just another day.

i walked to the beverly hills store today to do some work for the new store…
get louis organized,
set up group interviews,
meet the assistant manager.
you know, office work.
but it was refreshing.
refreshing to be around the future team.
refreshing to be in an atmosphere that exudes excitement, innovation, newness with much anticipation.
refreshing to be there.

i went to lunch down the street with louis and steve…3 of the 4 managers of 618.
the farm of beverly hills. i don’t know…maybe you’ve heard of it. i had, but had never been.
enjoyed my pear brie sandwich on raisin bread with a side of sweet potato fries. yummy…
enjoyed my conversation with the team.
enjoyed being out in my new ‘hood.
enjoyed seeing tom arnold in his led zepplin shirt as we were leaving. louis turned to me and informed me who he was…of course i didn’t know but thought he looked familiar.
just everyday people out for lunch.
just everyday in beverly hills.
just another day in my new life on the westside.

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