packing up and moving on.

DSCN1197 DSCN1194 DSCN1193
this is how i’ve spent my day off.
deciding what to give away, what to keep.
packing for travel, packing for storage.
talking to moving companies, and having others hang up on me.
talking to dad and anne to make sure we all know what will be shipped from alabama to join me here.
more fun times to come…

who knew you could use 290 square feet so resourcefully in storing…stuff?
who knew just how much packing tape could be used to pack up 290 square feet?
who knew my apartment could look so disheveled?
who knew 290 square feet could become such a home?

maybe with deciding on a moving company and finishing packing in the next few days, i can actually concentrate on finding a new location to call home.

2 thoughts on “packing up and moving on.

  1. Where are you moving to? I meant to stop by and see if you were at WS today, but couldn’t scrape 3-minute parking outside Green Street.

    If you need a place to stay temporarily—you know who to hit up. Always welcome.

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