quit planning.

instead of telling our young people to plan ahead, we should tell them to plan to be surprised.
~dan burns, the character played by steve carell in dan in real life.

Dan_in_real_life of course i love this move, who doesn’t? …with steve carell?

of all the hilarious parts throughout the movie, the ending has got to be my favorite…the ending where dan closes with the quote above.
seems to fit my life.
seems to war against my strivings.
seems to put things in proper perspective.
seems to be precisely what i need to hear…especially these past few days.

quit planning…and live.
quit planning inside the box…and start living outside that box.
quit calculating, throwing out the math…and begin the uncalculated journey of expectation.

at work today, i re-gained the peace that has so eluded me lately…especially in regards to the next step for me with the company. there are many changes to be made (not just with me but district-wide), so i cannot possibly predict what will occur in the future.
so why worry,
why dwell on it,
why speculate,
why allow myself to become anxious?

i shall proceed with what i know (which is nothing, really) and wait expectantly.
i shall continue in a direction, until that door is closed…then look for the ones opening up (ones, i am sure, were oblivious to me before).
i shall not live my life dictated by time constraints, whether my own or another’s, and simply trust.

…and plan to be surprised.

1 thought on “quit planning.

  1. One of my favorites!

    The movie taught me 2 things:

    1) Everything happens for a reason.
    2) Life is short.

    Looks like it taught you the same thing, homeskillet.

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