at just the mention of the word “wheeler” and they go crazy. ally and tex know what is coming next. so, this morning when anne yelled “wheeler”, dad and i mounted the four-wheeler and sped off…in hot pursuit by ally and tex, who quickly overtook us.

it is the time when ally and tex get to run and explore, splash in the ponds, and run back-and-forth in front of the “wheeler”.

it is a time for me to sit back, ride, and capture the moments on the “wheeler”…
DSCN4026 DSCN4012 DSCN3971 DSCN3981 DSCN3999 DSCN4024 DSCN4019 DSCN3998 DSCN3966 DSCN3992 DSCN3991 DSCN3942

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