it’s halftime, america.

i am not sure if you are watching the super bowl tonight, but i am…or i should say i am watching the commercials and forwarding through the game. after halftime, however, we were caught up with realtime and ready for the second half. but i am not sure i was altogether ready for the next commercial i saw.
one that wasn’t super entertaining, funny, flashy.
but one that contained a message for all to hear.
one that spoke louder than anything i have heard in awhile.
one that spoke to quite a wide audience, using football lingo, and rallied the team for the next half.

are you ready for the second half, america?
are you ready to make a comeback?
are you ready to focus on the future, what will come?

all that matters now is what’s ahead, how do we come from behind, how do we come together, and how do we win…


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