the law.

i have kept quiet on alabama’s immigration law. until now.
i have tried not to speak out against it since i don’t have an alternative solution.
in fact, i have no idea what an appropriate solution should be. i really don’t.
but i don’t think it is alabama’s immigration law, touted as the strictest in the country.

the more i hear about it’s impact on just one ethnic group here in alabama, it becomes even more clear that we are going about this all wrong.
i am not even sure of the motivation.
fear. anger. intimidation. security. the unknown. people we don’t know. languages with which we’re unfamiliar. cultures/religions of which we are ignorant.
but assumptions are made. laws are drawn up. and the people are left to deal with such.

as i think about all of this, i cannot help but think more about those really affected by the law. what about them?
and at some time were we not all them? i sure wasn’t indigenous to the place i now call home. few of us were.
and we all came to america for a better life, a better way of living, to enjoy freedom we couldn’t get in our native physical location. and i do believe that is why so many still come today.

but what about how we treat the other?
the assumptions…the bullying…the ostracizing…the causing of fear…the questioning…the stares.
and what about the results?
parents taking their kids out of school, running in fear, no longer getting healthcare, mysteriously leaving their job. all in an effort to protect themselves and those they love…because of our fear.

aren’t we “called” to love our neighbor…as ourself?
aren’t we “called” to be our brother’s keeper?
aren’t we “called” to look after the fatherless, the widows, the orphans…those in need?
aren’t we “called” to be different?
aren’t we “called”…


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