why is it…

why is it that the negative seems to outweighs the positive?
why is it that the one critical comment [albeit however constructive] tends to overshadow the multiple encouraging ones?
why is it that we [i] focus on what is wrong, rather than spend time praising what is right?
why is it that we [i] get so caught up in one [my]self that we [i] fail to see the others around us [me]?

these are the kinds of questions i have been asking myself lately. rhetorical…not ones i really expect to answer [but secretly wish i could].
ones that have shifted my perspective somewhat.
ones that cause me to focus on what is most important,
to strive to control what only i can,
to let go of what i cannot,
to not hash out and re-hash the details,
to see the trees in the midst of the forest,
to focus on the positive,
to believe in myself,
to display this [new]found confidence,
and to be present in the moment.

i’m still trying…
trying not to ask the why’s as much,
or maybe to refrain from bombarding myself with so many.


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