taking stock.

i have confessed in a previous blog posting to have watched a few episodes of gene simmon’s family jewels, which of late has been quite fascinating in his quest to find out what is most important in life…and make necessary changes in light of what he has discovered.
sometime back, i wrote down something genie [as shannon so endearingly calls him] said,

sometimes you have to take stock, realize what is most important and what can be relinquished. ~gene simmons

this coming from a man who, seemingly, has it all.
a career, still booming decades later. kids. a supportive and loving partner. world recognition. the iconic “hollywood” life.

yet, does he have all that he wants?

lately, these words have come to the forefront of my mind. i think fk and i have that which we want. careers and jobs we both truly like. being close to my family. having a relationship with his family. most of what we want and all of what we need.

but life gets complicated sometimes.
there are options.
and more options.
things we want…or think we want.
decisions to be made…big decisions.

being in the present has made me realize what matters and what is most important.
for fk to truly enjoy his job, to enjoy working with his co-workers, to make a contribution, to feel appreciated, to do a job well done, to receive recognition of that.
doesn’t seem like too much…but as we have known, it isn’t always like that.
for fk and i to find something that works for us. to make time to spend with one another in our very different schedules. to focus on what we do have, rather than what is not. to enjoy our time together. and for us to be able to connect.
and for me to truly enjoy what i do.

sure, there will be obstacles and there will be opportunities…
what can be relinquished are the “what if’s” and the plans i think i must already make in my mind. i don’t have to have all the answers, to have it all figured out, or to have some 10 year plan in place.
these obstacle and opportunities allow us to reach a consensus of what works best for us [now].
and for me that is what matters most.

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