for all of you who have known me for some time, it might be a little hard to believe that i do, in fact, own a cat. he came with the mr. but i have welcomed him into my heart long before welcoming him into my home. i never thought i would care so much for a cat…never thought i could even be tempted to own one.

but tyson is different.
tyson has a personality…a unique one.
tyson is sassy [go figure], tyson is determined [go figure], and tyson does what only tyson wants to do [once again, go figure].
tyson will look you in the eye and continue doing what he knows he shouldn’t…then runs away thinking he will escape the wrath of the squirt bottle.
tyson has a way of getting to you…and getting you to like him.
i mean, really, who couldn’t? [see pictures above with the blanket fringe hanging down in his face]

and tyson has become my companion these past few nights [with fk at work], my little buddy. he sits on the bed where fk’s feet usually are and just looks around, waiting. he’s not asleep, because he is now the man of the house you see. he’s not to be caught sleeping on the job. he’s there…always. and as soon as fk’s key fits into the door, he is johnny on the spot to welcome him home.

i just love tyson…
who would have thought?

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