so, i have been wanting to visit here ever since i saw it in some southern magazine, i am assuming it was this one. it piqued my curiosity. but does someone really drive 2 hours for pie? somewhere in the middle of nowhere for pie?

so yesterday, fk had an appointment in selma [just so happens to be about mid-way between the home town and the middle of nowhere town]…and of course i proposed a trip just down the road for some pie[lab]!

although i am not sure i get the entirety of pielab,
i do know i like this place.

i like the concept[s] for which it stands.
i like the ambiance.
i like the environment.
i like the space.
i like the graphics.
and, of course, i like the pie!

just wish it was not 2 hours away…


1 thought on “pielab.

  1. Don’t you love it? I went and blogged about it, too, and our pics look so similar! We hung out and visited with those folks for over two hours. Love the South for that.

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