i’m back…

i’ve been gone for awhile…a long while. and it seems like a long time has passed and many changes have taken place since my last posting of almost 3 months ago.
i guess that happens.
i guess that happens when you unexpectedly pack up your belongings, say your goodbyes, and move across country…all the while making plans for your new lives elsewhere.
i guess that happens when you [+the husband] get a promotion…in a new store [+the husband with a new company].
i guess that happens when you enter the stage to the said new job, the said new store, the said new company at the busiest time of the year.
i guess that happens when you throw in 3 holidays in between.
i guess that happens when the in-laws come for their first ever visit for 10 days…while you are working at the said above new positions.

caught in a whirlwind.
the craziness seems never ending.
finding balance seems like a pipe dream.
ready for the calm.
ready for a semblance of routine.
ready for time to sit, to read, to write, to run [again]…or even feel the motivation to do such things.
ready for a life beyond work, sleep…and a little family [and not much friend time] mixed in.

but until the settling comes, here are some pics of the exploration of our [new]found home city.

2 thoughts on “i’m back…

  1. Jen Blackwell (plus your married name, of course, which I know you have, but I’ll always know you first as Jen Blackwell) — have missed your blog! So glad to see you back on, and I look forward to hearing (reading) about this exciting new chapter! ~ Robyn

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