the girl in the window.

i spend a lot of my time in the kitchen…
looking out the kitchen window as i am preparing meals, washing dishes, making tea, baking, reading recipes on my iphone.
you get the picture.
it just so happens that from my kitchen window i can see another kitchen window, and from my window i can see her.
the girl in the window.
in an apartment complex across from mine, in a story higher than my own.
a girl around my age.
a girl from a different ethnicity than my own.
in her kitchen window at the same time as me.
washing, preparing, providing.
the light in her window often catches my eye.
i look at her, i watch her.

and i wonder about her.
i wonder what she cooks.
i wonder what she does for a living.
i wonder where she comes from, i wonder what her story is.
i wonder…
i wonder if we’re that different or if there is more similarity than meets the eye.
it seems like we’re worlds apart, although we only live feet away…it seems.
but i wonder…

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