one more meeting…please no.

today started out with a startle. i spent the night at mom’s and was soundly sleeping (after staying up way to late) until…
the newest alarm clock guaranteed to wake the dead.
the newest alarm clock that sounds like a house alarm, looks like an ambulance with it’s flashing lights, and feels like an earthquake as it vibrates.
and i am not even kidding. problem is, i had no knowledge of this new alarm clock.
so imagine my surprise when this thing goes off at 6:15am. i could not even think about going back to sleep. i was up at 6:15am…after less than 6 hours of sleep. finally rousing from bed after 1 more alarm clock went off 3 more times. it seems i kept snoozing it instead of turning it off.
tired…looking like i got hit by a truck. a headache. feeling nauseous.

meeting numero uno: breakfast with carrie.
8:30am. panera.
catching up on life, relationships.

meeting numero dos: wedding coordinator.
11:30am. olive garden.
easy enough. over lunch. answered a few questions. asked a few of my own. done.

meeting numero tres: the venue.
2:00pm. the oaks.
met alice and susan in order to finalize venue details on the rehearsal dinner and reception. number of people. number of tables. layout. flow. done.
and a little time for some photo ops.

meeting numero quattro: the florist.
4:00pm. the shop on mitchell.
clarification. changes. discussion of the layout (and subsequent flowers). prices. done.

meeting numero cinco: the musicians.
5:30pm. the guitarist’s house.
song samples. celtic music. traditional music. a little bit of both. the playlist. reception tunes. done.

so at 6:30pm, as we were walking to the car, mom says, “where to next?” “home,” was my only response. i could not think. i could not decide. i could not make one other plan. i was DONE.
we came back to mom’s, wrapped the attendant gifts , put on our pjs and watched a movie.
perfect ending to a way-too-packed day.

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