where’s the party?

i had my first wedding shower sunday night after work…
some ladies at work decided we should have a wedding shower and a wedding shower we had. there was the excitement, the planning, the evites, the build-up, the 5 hour long pre-shower party, the cooking, the arrival of the guests.
it was quite a production.
when we got there, we were welcomed by denise…

the welcoming crew, showing up at 1pm to help get ready…
to attend the pre-party and get her party-on (as she would say)….heyyyy!

the house was full of friends…former or current co-workers, two mothers of co-workers, and a few friends from school. a welcomed environment where anyone would have fit right in.
we chatted,
we caught up,
we ate (some drank…a bit too much),
we told stories,
we laughed,
we opened gifts,
we were just together.

from the work perspective, it was fun just to be away…to be away from work, to see each other in another context, to catch up on life, to live life together, and to make memories. it was good for us. good for us to laugh, to play, to let down our guard, and to celebrate.

from the personal perspective, it was good to have friends there who know me so well. friends from school with whom we learned, we studied, we talked about the practical, we somehow changed together. friends from work with whom i’ve done the same. friends with whom i have walked through life these past 4 years.

from the relational perspective, it was confirming. the stories retold, the questions asked, the answers told recounted the particulars of mine and fk’s story…our journey to the present. the affirmation and encouragement were unexpected. it was a very humbling experience, on so many counts, as well as one that left my heart full. it confirmed why each of these people are in my life, how each person plays a vital part of the community, and how much we need one another.

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