sore losers…and winners.

it’s the one thing i hate about the iron bowl…
it’s the one thing that i just can’t understand.

i get it that people are born fans one versus the other. i get it.
i’ve been a ‘bama fan as long as i can remember…
but i’ve never been the ‘bama fan that hated auburn. never.
i just don’t get it.
i have extreme respect for auburn, the team, the players, the fans.
i love watching them play.
i cheer for them for any game…except for when they play ‘bama.

i know how it is…and i know it’s like this. i lived in alabama for 29 years of my life.
maybe i’ve dismissed it when ‘bama gets beat by auburn…
or is having a less than desirable season. maybe.
maybe i dismiss all the ridiculous comments my own fans make when the roles are reversed. maybe.
but i’ve been more reminded of it this year, a year when ‘bama actually had something to be proud of. i’ve been more reminded of it being 2,500 miles away surrounded by no one who even cares about ‘bama football…save all my friends on facebook.

and this is where i have been the most surprised and shocked by people’s comments.
the things people say online.
the things people have the audacity to say when not face-to-face with another.
the things people type flippantly behind a computer screen.
the way people respond emotionally.
i don’t get it.

i have been so shocked that i have not known what to say, how to respond…so i haven’t. i haven’t wanted to make an emotional response to already such emotionally charged statements. so i didn’t.
but i love this response…

My absolute least favorite part of the iron bowl is the hours after the game and hearing the bitter fans of whichever team loses (in this case Auburn fans) talk about how lucky the winners were, how classless the coach/players/fans are, and overall their hatred of the other team. If that game is still consuming you (one way or another) by the time you read this you need to re-examine what’s important. I enjoyed the Game and am happy my team won this year, but even when Bama has lost I don’t let it lead me to lash out at Auburn fans in order to build myself up and feel better about getting beat…Get a life people!
~tommy mcgregor, response to people’s status updates on the ironbowl on facebook

but i do get this.

1 thought on “sore losers…and winners.

  1. Oh, Jen. Preach it sister. We went to the Iron Bowl this year. I was really nervous about it because I didn’t know whether or not I could really cheer for Alabama while sitting in the middle of the Auburn section. I was surprised, however, at what a pleasant experience it was. Everyone was polite and friendly. Of course there was trash talking, but it was good natured and all in the right spirit. The Auburn fans all around us were enthusiastic, but not ugly. Okay, one guy was, but he was drunk and we in turn tried to be polite as well. We tried not to go overboard while cheering and tried to be respectful while still pulling for our team.

    On the drive home my whole family commented on what a fun day it was and how incredibly cool everyone had been.

    Until we got home. And until I got on facebook. I was very shocked at the comments. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I don’t mind friendly trash talking. That’s fun and that’s what makes a real rivalry. But these comments were rude, hurtful, and extremely mean spirited- from both sides.

    Nobody even remotely came across like this at the game. I guess it’s easier to say things in anonymity behind a computer screen.

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