count your blessings…

a day to celebrate, to remember, to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.

  1. my family.
  2. my fiance.
  3. my friends…those i’ve had for life, those i’ve had for years, those i’ve had for months.
  4. my job…one that both pays the bills and one that i truly enjoy.
  5. those with whom i work…those you care for (and who care for you), those you respect (and who respect you), those you enjoy (and who enjoy you).
  6. friends and (future) family with whom to share thanksgiving when so far from home and family.
  7. health…and the health of those i love.
  8. finances that have been bestowed to me…the finances with which i can afford a thanksgiving dinner.
  9. love and support from those who truly care about me.
  10. the love and grace god has bestowed on me.

and many more…

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