how could i not like this movie?
true story.
true sports story.
true story starring nick saban, tommy tuberville, phillip fulmer, houston nutt, AND tim mcgraw.
true story about a kid down and out.
true story about someone stepping in, someone standing up, someone making a difference.
true story about life in the south, about college football, about all things familiar to me.
true story that will draw tears from even the hardest heart.

but what i liked most…the title.
the meaning of blindside.
the left tackle. the position. the job. the duty. the protection. the guardian.
guarding what is most important, the QB.
but much more…

guarding those closest to us.
guarding those in danger.
guarding those who need another’s protection.
guarding those who rely on us.
guarding those who can’t see what’s coming.
it’s their job, it’s their duty, it’s their calling.
it’s just what they do.

makes me realize we all need a left tackle…
we all need someone to cover our blindside.

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