just another wednesday…

woke up at 4am (2am PST) by text telling me that my flight out of montgomery had been cancelled.
spent the next 45 minutes on the phone with 2 different american agents trying to book another flight home.
re-booked a flight via a different carrier that left later in the morning (as opposed to the early afternoon flight the airline had re-booked).
got ready and headed out to the airport.
found out i didn’t have a seat on the flight i had bee re-booked on.
had a meltdown at the airport.
re-booked on yet another flight to LAX, which left 2 1/2 hours after my original flight and arrived to LA 4 hours later.
called dad crying.
got over myself and decided crying wasn’t going to get me back any sooner.
went to the departure gate for the first available flight to atlanta in hopes of there being an extra seat on the flight i was booked on, got bumped and told the flight had been oversold…there’s always a possibility, right?
found out at 7:50am there was an empty seat on the 8:00am flight (the alternate flight i wanted to begin with).
quickly called dad to let him know things had worked out.
boarded. flew. landed.
approached the delta ticket counter in atlanta to see about getting an earlier 2nd flight.
got an earlier flight (the alternate flight i wanted to begin with).
ate lunch–it then being 11EST i was hungry (my cereal at 5am wasn’t going to last me another 5+ hours until i arrived in LA).
boarded the flight.
used delta’s first-time-free wireless to write this blog posting.

hopefully, i will nap the remainder of my flight (although i am not the least bit sleepy…there’s always hope), land at LAX, take a shuttle to my car, drive to work, close the store, drive home and then crash since i will then have been up for 19 hours straight.

just another ordinary wednesday…right?

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