if you’ve seen my car around town this week, you might have think i got attacked…by a t-rex or jaws.

point in case.
no worries, just a minor fender bender–or fender breaker–occurring in a parking lot outside the post office.

seems like i have a thing for fender benders in parking lots while backing up…
some i see coming,
some i don’t.
funny how i went 16 years without 1 insurance claim.
now living in LA, in the 2-year span of a new car purchase, i have made (now) 3 insurance claims to have my car fixed for such minor (this time not-so) injuries.

a $5300 estimate, 19-day process, 25 day rental car fee, and my quite reasonable deductible later…
i may just be driving the accord in early november,
until then i’ll be in the rental.

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