being the peon.

I think learning to work for people is really important. I think to be a good leader it’s key to know what it’s like to be an employee, and to have had a lot of the different level jobs where you’ve been the scrappy little nobody.
~Dany Levy, founder of Daily Candy, as quoted in the New York Times

i like this.
i like this because it’s true…in my life, at least.
i think about my own experience of working as both a casual sales associate and a full-time manager for the same company. and i’m not so far removed from being the sales associate that i forget what it’s like.
that i forget how pressured i would feel sometimes to get all my tasks done at closing…especially when i was the only one.
that i forget how i wanted to know more, wanting those above me to teach me what they knew…and how empowered i felt when they did.
that i forget how much i appreciated and needed the encouragement offered by those in management.
that i forget how i would strive to meet the expectations set before me…especially if it involved winning.
that i forget what it’s like when my hours got cut due to the needs of the business…well, still being hourly how can i?
that i forget what it’s like to know i had done my job well.

and i hope my being able to remember the above coupled with
my ability to reciprocate or refrain from such actions makes a difference in the way i manage…
i guess being a peon has it’s privileges.

1 thought on “being the peon.

  1. Very true!!! Too many people forget what it’s like to be a “peon” aka sales associate! I think one week a year all management…especially corporate should have to walk in those shoes.

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