done with being teacher for the day and separating the talkers.
done with justifying the projected sales, the payroll we planned not to make, and the subsequent cutting of hours that resulted from the previous two.
done with dealing with customers named peachy…who just aren’t.
done with the shady returns by girls barely out of their teens.
done with listening to an associate tell a customer just to use her broiler pan when asked the best way for her to cook steaks…really? what about trying to sell–or just mentioning–one of the 15+ products in our store designed to do just that? and you’re complaining about not having many hours? and you’re standing around talking to other associates as customers walk past? really?
done with cutting my own hours (which is why i’m already home)…and having to explain why to the associate mentioned above. payroll, maybe? maybe because it is myself or an associate who was already complaining earlier today about only having 1 shift next week. maybe it should be me.

i’m just done…
but it seems i’m scheduled for more of the same tomorrow.

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