totally worth it.

i went shopping at century city tonight after getting my haircut and feeling especially sassy sporting my curls. i wasn’t expecting much, just checking to see if i could find any good deals on heels at kenneth cole or a top at banana republic to go with a skirt which seems difficult to match. but what i found sitting on a bench with his papyrus bag was madhur mittal. in case you are not familiar with the name, you might know him better as salim malik from slumdog millionaire…or you just might have seen him in the pics below at the oscar’s.
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i couldn’t believe it. he was sitting all alone, smoking a cigarette…unnoticed. i walked on by. i didn’t want to be one of those people…
one of those people who hound celebrities, even though i wanted to.
as i continued walking, i couldn’t get it out of my mind. i couldn’t believe that i–of all people–did not have a camera on me. i was so ill-prepared to see someone who i actually cared about seeing…or meeting. i went into another store, back to my original purpose. as i came out of the store–empty-handed–i saw him again.
i thought that margit would probably notice this as a sign…but i just kept walking. i phoned a few friends to tell them. and i called louis to tell him of the latest siting…in case you haven’t read, there have been quite a few these past few days (i sort of feel like i am on celebrity siting overload). when i told louis i thought of going up to him but didn’t have my camera, he said, “you totally should have. i bet he’s not big enough yet to have people constantly coming up to him. he’d probably like it.”
hmmmm….i thought to myself.

it reminded me of a conversation i had earlier today with phyllis about people encouraging you and how, typically, people don’t get enough of it. we talked about how vital encouragement is to our well-being and how we all need feedback on how we are doing–in our job, in our relationships, in our family…just in general. which just made me think that this budding actor needed to know as well. now granted, just 48 hours ago he was up on stage accepting an oscar for best picture, but wouldn’t a compliment from me mean more?

well, my chance was lost… or so i thought. until i walked out of my final store for the evening and saw him with his back to me, standing alone looking at the mall directory. this, margit would for sure agree, was definitely a sign. i couldn’t believe i had seen him now for a third time…and i couldn’t believe that i was walking right up to him. i made small talk with him, telling him how much i enjoyed–no, loved, actually–the film, how he did an outstanding job, and then congratulating him on all the awards. i was totally gushing. and he couldn’t have been more gracious…looking directly at me, thanking me at each pause, so humble and grateful for my every comment.
it was totally worth it.

and it totally made me realize that we all need to know what others think about us and how vital encouragement is to our everyday existence. it’s vital to my life, i would venture to say it’s vital to yours, and it’s vital to those who can now boast an oscar.

4 thoughts on “totally worth it.

  1. I agree with Margit- it was a sign!!!!! Does he know where you work and how well you do your job? Not to burst your bubble in any way; but you’re a bigger star in my books, and he was probably following you, hoping you would notice him so he could just look into your eyes while you gave him the time of day. HELLO – how could you be so naive.

  2. you and margit are just alike in so many ways. glad i have you on the westside to keep me straight.
    and you are hilarious, ginger…by the way. i am sure he would be so impressed with how i boss people around all day. for real…how could i be so naive? i am a WOS…like you!

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