i called jena after watching the oscar’s not to talk about which dress(es) we liked–as it seemed everyone else was commenting on–nor to pass on any celeb gossip but to talk about the awards, who won them, and their acceptance speeches. she offered that dustin lance black, who won for best original screenplay for the film milk, was by far the best. i tried to remember but i had no recollection of that one. as she recreated the speech for me in hopes of jogging my memory, i realized i had missed it on the drive home from work. she said it was not your typical acceptance speech but one that shared why he wrote this screenplay…from a personal perspective. even yesterday, i asked her what he said again because i was intrigued to know more about it.
this morning, still being intrigued, i found it on youtube…
check it out.

quite moving, actually.
spoken with so much passion, with so much life.
spoken by a man who, it seems, has faced similar struggles and gone down similar paths.
spoken by a man who is full of hope…despite his past experiences and unhopeful future, in some regards.

and the message was clear…quite clear.
spoken to the church about accepting those unlike ourselves.
spoken to the church about love for all people.
spoken to the church about judgment, which is not ours to bestow.
spoken to the church as a reminder about who god is and who we are not.
spoken to the church as a man who has been wounded by the lack of love and acceptance by the very people that are called to do so by a god who does so willingly and freely.
spoken to those who feel the need to legislate behavior…behavior that may or may not line up with our own.
spoken to those who feel it is their responsibility to save that which they cannot.
spoken to those who are blinded to the fact that our legislation is exclusive, judgmental, and creating barriers among us.

i, for one, got the message and was challenged by it,
as a member of the church,
as a voter,
and as a friend.

2 thoughts on “acceptance.

  1. oh yay!! glad you found it. we actually talked about it in class yesterday and i meant to tell you. i actually spoke up!! haha it was interesting what some said. thanks for putting it up! oh and barry recommends that we see milk. 😉

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