everybody loves rusty…

after leno, we went over to margit’s for rusty to give sarah the mardi gras happies he brought her–a bag full of beads, football, frisbee, moon pies (aka moon cakes), and a cup. sarah was a little shy at first as she latched on to me…but it didn’t take long. it didn’t take long before she was all over rusty–literally–playing on him like he was a jungle gym. we hung out (margit and i), played football (sarah, rusty, and hansen), then headed to my favorite mexican place around…gringos.
dsc_0010 dsc_00111 dsc_0021 dsc_00271 dsc_00221 dsc_0033
when it was time to go, sarah wanted rusty to come over for a sleep over…saying he could sleep on hansen’s top bunk. she was sad to leave him, not wanting to let go of him…but we promised she would see him again before he left.

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