enjoy it.

by lunch time, i was ready for the day to be finished. i was tired of being yelled at…by all the old grumpy ladies, mostly via the phone.

there was the lady who–for the second time–had a friend not receive the gift card she sent her. the second time…really? and we mailed a gift card…really? maybe…maybe…
she called on the phone and that was about all the information i got out of her. she had no idea when she made the purchase–sometime before february 11th when she was in the bev hills store and bought another gift card, but this one for her daughter for valentine’s day–this she informed me of without any prompting, almost as if i possibly could have accused her of which store she made the gift card purchase. but, going back to the date, it could have been after…
that’s a lot of help, i thought to myself…just call me inspector gadget, on the hunt to solve the case of the missing sent-out gift card.

there was the lady who was irritated i put her on hold the first time. i am sorry that i am not an adept multi-tasker able to handle two conversations with customers in the store simultaneously as one on the phone. as i was in the middle of helping a customer, looking something up for the customer on the computer as she was standing there talking to me about the product, another customer (an older, apparently unhappy lady) approached me irritated and asked if i was the only one able to check out. i explained that there were three of us and we were all with guests but i would get someone to help her shortly…apparently not good enough. she stomped off towards the back room as i called on a walkie for helene to intervene. as helene checked her out, i saw her flash an ugly look my way as she was talking to helene about something…presumably about my inability to help her i her hurry. back to customer three waiting on the phone. when i came back to her she wanted to know the dimensions of some dinnerware that is only available online. i asked her what it said online, to which she replied, “nothing.” pause. “well, it is not a product we carry in the stores so the only information i have is…” i was in the middle of explaining until she interrupted me and accused, “can’t you give me a number or something so i can find out an answer. well that’s fine…you’ve been no help!” she hung up even before i could even try to help her. not sure what answer i could give her that would have been considered helpful, actually…maybe just not put her on hold, maybe making up an answer, maybe having the item in the store so she wouldn’t have to be so inconvenienced, or maybe interrupt her with the phone number i was ready to give her before she hung up on me.

there was the lady that, for the second time, brought back dinnerware that she either received from her wedding registry or bought shortly after–at least a year ago…she couldn’t remember if she had even registered for it. she brought back this dinnerware because she had just unpacked it in her house–her new house–and it simply didn’t fit in the cabinets. okay, even though i was highly annoyed last night, i might get the oval platters and the soup plates not fitting. maybe… but the cups and saucers? how do cups and saucers not fit in kitchen cabinets? maybe not 16 of them…
so, of course, you should return them…and get highly upset when the sales’ associate asks you the same questions she asks everyone returning items.
did you use them?

of course i did not use them…i would never use something, then return it.

these look like they have been washed or have detergent marks on them…

i told you i would never use them, then return them. but maybe my housekeeper washed them when i asked her to package them so i could return them. maybe she washed them because they were so dusty from being packed up.

maybe…before they were simply put in the cooler in which the lady brought them back in…maybe. or before the lady simply carried them with her own hands last night…without packaging.
did you need any other dinnerware…some that might fit in your cabinets?

i’m going to come back and buy pots, just not tonight because i don’t have time. i’m in a hurry.

and then today, did you want to look for anything today?

no, i’m going to come back for some pots but not today. i have a one-year-old with me today.


little old ladies and the bride who seems to change her mind so frequently could not get to me, however…not at least, after the man at pinkberry handed me my order and said, “thank you, princess…enjoy your day.”

i think i will…
no matter what those ladies say.

1 thought on “enjoy it.

  1. You gave excellent customer service. That’s what matters. People come in with a chip on their shoulder and you did what you could to help them. Jen, you are amazing and a pricess! I hope you enjoyed your pinkberry

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