after work.

we had all been talking about it but none of us had really ever done anything in particular about it. but christina having a baby and us having her a baby shower seemed like a good opportunity to get together…
after work, outside of work.
an excuse to cook, get together, share random details about ourselves (as nancy posed question after question to each of us), provide for a new-mother-to-be, open gifts, share stories, talk about work…a little, and just be together.
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it made me realize we need this. each one of us gathered had been looking forward to it…and the time together did not let us down. we stayed late, not wanting to leave or break up the ladies-only fun. it seems these times don’t exist in the realm in which we know each other and interact.
work…it’s about business, it’s about helping customers, it’s about the chit-chat here and there…yet never quite catching up or sharing lives together. yet last night was the first step (of hopeful many) in building not only work relationships, but friendships among us ladies.

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