Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.
~Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S. president

it’s hard not to be recognized…
when you feel like you deserve it,
when you feel like it’s been left up to you,
when you have been given responsibility,
when you feel like you have aced the test,
when you feel worthy of it,
when you think it couldn’t have been done without you,
when you know that you gave 100%,
when it cost you a lot,
when you sacrificed,
when you want it.

but is that what we strive for…recognition?
it is the approval of others that we work so hard for?
must we have it in order to feel validated, worthy, significant?

i hope not…for me, at least.

5 thoughts on “recognition.

  1. as long as you recognize it – it doesn’t matter if anyone else does. PS who ever Nancy is; her face is huge – do they offer face augmentations out there in Beverly Hills?

  2. here here, ginger. and you shouldn’t think so poorly of nancy. she is truly a beautiful woman…she is such a woman of substance! you would love her…just the way she is!

    she is funny, margit. you two would totally hit it off!

  3. that makes 2 of us – “WOS” that can replace your nickname “Bama” – we’ll pronounce it “wwwooooosss” (like in the commercial “Whhhhaaattttt’s up”)

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