i updated my FB status to: jen wishes i was normal.
here were the responses:

Amy Brown Pierce at 5:00pm January 14
Normal is overrated.
Flannery O’Donoghue at 5:09pm January 14
Margit Olsen Peck at 5:32pm January 14
What exactly is normal???
Kelley Cooper Smith at 6:05pm January 14
then your blogs wouldn’t be rockin’…
Jessica Barker Parris at 7:11pm January 14
that wouldn’t be very much fun, though, would it?
Mollie Smith at 8:02pm January 14
Normal is highly overrated! Don’t you dare!
Dot Pyron at 10:58pm January 15
Why??? Then you wouldn’t fit in with us cool people!

i totally get these responses and see how one would respond in such a manner to the declaration made.
yet, i was getting at something else…something a little less and a little more.
i like being unique, trust me. many times it is even a source of pride so i have no desire to be ‘normal’ (yes, whatever that is) in the sense of the word.

but i do desire to be ‘normal’ in yet another sense. normal in the sense that i would not have to deal with my hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and the issues it seems to cause OR exacerbate. it is not a big deal, really, but i seem to make it a huge one. if i only did what i know to do, i would be ok…but i don’t.

i want to be normal.
i want to live like everyone (even though everyone doesn’t live the same i tell myself they do to further my cause…and i even believe myself).
i want not to have to deal with eating small meals, making sure i have a snack, paying attention to the cues my body sends, and making sure i do what is necessary.
i want to be free of such restrictions and demands.
i want to be normal.

after a meltdown (or two), leaving work an hour early, and a few conversations about it i realized that i am normal. everyone has some (physical) issue with which they deal with. why am i making such a big deal out of mine? and why don’t i do what is necessary?

i have come to accept (for today at least) that i am normal…and this is normal for me.

2 thoughts on “normal.

  1. Remember…when your having a melt down…someone else (maybe me) probably is too…we just can’t have our melt downs at the same time…who would we turn to?

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