yet another award goes to…

in case you haven’t realized by the golden globes, slumdog millionaire is worth it…just ask faisal, who only went because i brought it up every week that i wanted to see it. definitely worth it.
and while i’m writing this, slumdog has won yet another award…
not surprised.
all i have to say is that i am so glad i saw it last night…or i would have been totally upset that i had not yet seen it.
i could be borderline obsessed since i have read the book, talk about it every few days (even though i had not yet seen it…which is probably what i was talking about), just downloaded the soundtrack, and announced the winner to each golden globes with “slumdog” prior to the celeb actually agreeing with my declaration.

so the movie…
a tale of family.
a tale of famililess.
a tale of making it…regardless of the circumstances.
a tale of what’s important…most important.
a tale of going after what you want.
a tale of betrayal.
a tale of taking advantage of the weak, the despised, the powerless.
a tale of a hollywood ending, living happily ever after, and a miracle.
a tale of not succumbing to what is easy, what is tempting, what seems to be the only option.
a tale of sticking up for others…of doing what’s right.
a tale of destiny.
a tale of luck.
a tale of passion.
a tale of love.

the hype is worth it…trust me.

it is written…

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