on rodeo.

i’m feeling the christmas season upon me…and i’m feeling a little unprepared.
i’m feeling a little behind, especially since i have to send the vast majority of my gifts across the u.s.
and i’m feeling like i have no idea what to get, what people want, or what would be most useful/wanted.

i went out in search of gifts last night…came home with nothing.
so i decided to go out again tonight…this time in my own ‘hood.
right up rodeo, then down beverly.
surely there had to be some gifts to find there…surely.
DSCN1851 DSCN1856
as i made my way to rodeo drive, i thought how ironic this scene was. and as i was talking to louis, he asked if i ever could have imagined this would be my life…walking from my house to tiffany’s on rodeo drive.
DSCN1854 DSCN1892
but i ventured out. ventured out in my boho fashion. hair pulled back–somewhat disheveled. shoes from rei–granola-esque. jeans that are too long. capilene undershirt. steve and barry’s shirt/dress atop. totally looking like i fit on rodeo…totally.
DSCN1872 DSCN1879
i walked up to those large, imposing doors on the corner and pranced right in.
security took one look and me and suggested i might be interested in the jewelry on the second floor…obviously the cheaper section. i wondered to myself if it was that ovious…do i look as if i don’t belong, as if i’m merely a passerby…a tourist. i chuckled to myself as i ascended the stairs to find all the sales people assisting customers. i walked around, looking at the cheap jewelry, as i heard each customer being asked if they could be helped. i continued to wait.
…until finally i sought out an associate who was simply walking around, not really doing anything.
she was super nice and obliged all my inquisitions as i made up my mind on my purchases.

i paid my bill and walked out onto rodeo, making my way to another high-priced retail store.
a giant of a man caught my attention as i headed up the street. standing on the edge of the sidewalk, waiting to be picked up, i noticed a few things about him.
he was tall alright.
he was decked out in matching athletic gear…you know, the fashion kind.
then i realized who it was…Shaq.
shaq standing on rodeo drive waiting for his ride.

yeah, that’s right…
i shop on rodeo.
me and shaq at tiffany’s.
he on the first floor…i on the second.

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